4 Hot Freelance Jobs for 2015

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More and more companies are moving over to freelance assistance. It’s an excellent way to deal with excessive workload, and the large number of part-time workers makes it an attractive option for companies on a budget. Websites like Elance and oDesk are great places to find these types of jobs. Like any other job, you’ll need to start small, but with a few successful gigs and some 5 star rankings you should start earning a nice wage. Check out the following list of the top freelance jobs as we move into 2015.

1.)    Content Writer

Most websites benefit from regular content updates. It not only keeps users engaged / interested but it also helps with general SEO and website ranking factors. When google sees a page that is regularly updated with excellent on-page keyword optimization it will rank the site higher and expose it to more organic search traffic. More and more online companies are growing and so is their need for quality content. Enter the content writer. They specialize in writing SEO-friendly articles in a fast and efficient manner. It could be blogs, technical writing, or general content creation. It depends on the project. Good writers can charge a premium for their services. For an article that takes one hour to complete, a quality writer could earn anywhere from 15 to 40 dollars. Pay rate depends on several factors, but seasoned writers can make a career out of it. If you have writing experience, make a profile and highlight your skills. The jobs will start rolling in, and now is a better time than ever to get started.

2.)    Translator

Translators function in many roles, but they are mainly concerned with taking content from one language and effectively translating it to another. There is software to accomplish this, but it never encompasses proper grammar or differences in dialect. Companies often run websites in multiple languages, so having a high-quality team of translators is a huge benefit. Some of the common languages are Spanish, French, Mandarin, etc. You get the idea. For bilingual workers with good writing skills, this is an excellent way to earn some supplemental income. Typically companies pay on a per-article basis, so if you can work efficiently you’ll save time and make more money. Full-time translators average $45,000 per year, and can charge between $15-$30 per hour for freelance work. Take your mastery of multiple languages to the workplace and translate it into a paycheck.

3.)    Web Developer

As more and more small businesses are popping up around the country, there is a growing need for website creation and management. Web developers handle all of the above. They typically have strong programming knowledge and an eye for creative detail. Making a website function properly is a challenge, but making it look good is an art. Creative acumen can make or break any web developer. There are several ways to land a web developer job, and it doesn’t necessarily require a college degree. There are many self-taught developers earning great wages on the freelance marketplace. Typically web site design is a flat-rate project, but there are also hourly workers. Quality developers can earn $20-$40 hourly or more. It all depends on experience and size / difficulty of the project.

4.)    Graphic Designer

This is another self-taught role, although there are many classes and programs offered to help you get started. They come up with artistic and creative ideas that boost user-engagement and make websites appear user-friendly. They can also come up with designs for new desktop / mobile pages. Landing a graphics design role can be achieved many different ways, but it’s always good to create a profile of past work. Sending this along with your resume can go a long way when attempting to land a freelance position. If you focus on working hard and meeting deadlines, companies will want to keep you around long-term. Quality and reliable graphics design work is hard to find, and once managers find it they never want lose it. They can make between $20-30 per hour. It’s a highly specialized job and it takes a lot of practice and skill to master.

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    Natural Resources and Environmental Studies from the University of Conn.
    Good Morning Matthew:

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    1. Matthew Welch

      Because sometimes your career takes you in a different direction. I am still a steward for the environment and I care deeply about providing a better planet for future generations.

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